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Engineered Clean

River Technologies pressure washer detergents are carefully engineered to provide you with unmatched cleaning potential. We offer a wide variety of cleaning solutions designed to fit perfectly with your needs.

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Salt Neutralizer

Our specialty biodegradable Salt Neutralizer detergent is designed for the cold winter climates, and is specially formulated to remove all salt residue from your vehicles.

Perfect for any vehicle or equipment during the winter months.

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Tested and Proven

Before you receive any River Technologies detergent, we put it through a rigorous testing process. Before we distribute any specialty mixed detergent, we make sure to test every batch. That means only the highest quality product will be delivered to you.

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Bulk Detergents

Our most popular vehicle and equipment detergents, delivered directly to you.
These are our detergents that pair with our matching bulk tank telemetry. Which will be provided to you from a local distributor.

These are designed for large wash bays, or operations that require high levels of high quality soap.

Car Wash

The perfect wash for any light duty vehicles.

This specialty formula will leave your vehicles with a bright shiny finish.

Designed for all purpose cleaning on any vehicle.

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Fleet Wash

Stronger than our car wash, meeting the perfect blend of strength and finish.

Includes a natural citrus degreaser to help with tougher stains.

It's safe for use on all surfaces.

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Truck Wash

Our heavy duty detergent, our truck wash is designed to tackle anything.

This specialty forumla also includes the natural citrus degreaser designed for the toughest stains.

Great for large vehicles.

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